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Color Chip Faqs 
What is a color standard?
All ColorXpress* Services color chips are considered color standards that meet stringent tolerances based on the master color curve of an original color. Each color standard represents that color in multiple grades within a product line. Once ColorXpress* Services creates a color standard, SABIC uses that as the target color for making custom-colored resin.
Finding a Color Faqs 
What if I can't find my Pantone or RAL standard in the dropdown?
Not all Pantone and RAL standards are in our database. If you can't find the one you are looking for, please contact us at
I have my own color measurement device. Can I use this data to search for colors?
Comparing color measurements from different color-measurment instruments does not yield accurate results. Because of this, ColorXpress* measures your sample on the same machine used to populate our database, a GretagMacbeth 7000 or 7000A spectrophotometer. Readings are based on 10 deg observer, a D65 illuminant and measuring the polished surface of the chip.
How can I find which SABIC grades are available in a particular color?
Use the Quick Color Search to search for your desired SABIC color number. Search results will include details for that color and the available grades.
Why can't I search for a transparent or translucent color using a Pantone or RAL number?
Comparing a transparent or translucent to an opaque Pantone or RAL color swatch is highly subjective. If you would like a custom transparent or translucent match based on a Pantone or RAL swatch, submit a color match request.
I found a color that matched my Pantone number on your web site but the color chip I received didn't match. Why?
There can be significant differences between the Pantone or RAL samples you have and the samples ColorXpress* Services uses. In the Pantone search, we provide the colors in our inventory that are the closest to the Pantone swatch we measured on our equipment.
What is a color standard?
All ColorXpress* Services color chips are considered color standards that meet stringent tolerances based on the master color curve of an original color. Each color standard represents that color in multiple grades within a product line. Once ColorXpress* Services creates a color standard, SABIC uses that as the target color for making custom-colored resin.
I received the correct color number but the grade indicated on the chip is different from the grade that I need to order resin in for my application.
Color chips are offered in the grade that the color was originally created in, since that is the standard for the color. Color standards represent the color available in multiple resin grades within a product line.
Why can't I find automotive colors in the Find a Color or Order Color Standards tool?
Since the SABIC color chip is not the color master used by Automotive OEMs, these chips are not available. Please contact the OEM to obtain color masters. For a list of SABIC color numbers cross referenced to automotive colors, please use our online Automotive colors tool.
SABIC Sales Contacts Faqs 
I don't know my SABIC contact. How do I find out who it is?
You may use our feedback form. Please indicate in the comments section that you would like to know who your SABIC contact is.
On-Screen Color Accuracy Faqs 
How accurate are on-screen colors in the Find a Color section?
Because monitors (both CRT or LCD) do not display all the colors people experience, on-screen colors in Find a Color can't perfectly represent or substitute for original colors. Computer-generated colors are not only affected by monitor characteristics but also environment, configuration and setup. But, accurate color differences can be displayed on screen and used to obtain useful information for matching colors. Once you find your color, you can request a color chip to view a physical sample of the color.

ColorXpress* Services recommends using the latest in monitor calibration technology, available via relatively inexpensive desktop devices, to calibrate your monitor for improved color calibration. Contact ColorXpress* Services for more information.

Click here to save on monitor calibration devices!
Opacity Faqs 
What are the differences between opaque, transparent and translucent?
Opaque is best explained as a solid color that does not allow light to pass through it. Transparents are see-through but may have a tint, like a car window. Translucent colors allow some light through like a frosted glass.
Orders (Account History) Faqs 
How can I track the status of my color match or a color chip order?
Log into My ColorXpress account and select color match or color chips to see your order status.
Requesting a Color Match Faqs 
I can't find the grade I need in the Find a Grade tool in the color match request form. Why?
There are two possibilities:

1. You have selected compliancies that do not apply to your specific product line/grade combination. For best results, it is recommended that you only select the compliancies that are needed for your application. For example, Lexan 141 only meets UL compliance requirements, but if additional compliances are selected, this grade will not appear.

2. Not all SABIC resin grades are available for custom color matching. Some grades are available in limited colors, natural or black. These grades will not be available for selection.

If you need more help with grade selection, please try the SABIC grade selector tool.
When I select a grade, I don't see the compliancies I need for my application.
No SABIC resin grades meet all the possible compliancy combinations. For example, Lexan 141 meets UL and is available in opaque, transparent and translucent colors. No other compliances apply for this grade. Try using the Find a Grade tool available in the Color Match Request form by entering your desired product line, then selecting your application compliancy requirements. All SABIC resin grades within the chosen product line meeting these compliancy selections will display.

You may wish to try the SABIC grade selector tool.
Why do I need to send in my Pantone or RAL sample when requesting a color match?
There can be significant differences between your Pantone or RAL samples and ours. Supplying your Pantone or RAL sample ensures that we match to the right color.
Why do you need to know the thickness of my part for a transparent or translucent match?
The thickness of a part determines the color you see in transparent and translucent parts. For example, if you increase the thickness, the color will change and will have less light transmission. In order to achieve the right color, ColorXpress* Services matches the color to the thickness of your part.
Why is the light source important for color matching?
The light source, observer and actual object determine the way a color looks. To ensure the best match, ColorXpress* Services mimics the lighting in which the color will be viewed, as well as the way you will evaluate the color match.
I can't find my mold texture in your form.
The mold texture selections on the form represent the textures available at our color matching facility. Please select the texture closest to your tool surface.
Why are color matches evaluated visually?
Many factors influence the perception of color, including shape, texture, and the substrate of the target. To make sure the intent of the color match has been satisfied, a visual assessment is always done.
What is an Xpress match?
The Xpress match is a premium fee service which guarantees completion of your color match in either 2 or 5 business days in the United States or 4 business days in Europe. The Xpress match includes 25 pounds of resin in your color, as well as 10 color chips. Additional resin can also be purchased.
I know my SABIC color number, but I can't find it on the web site. Why?
Please ensure that you have typed it correctly. If it still cannot be found, it may be a color that is not for public access or the color may no longer be available. Please contact ColorXpress* Services for further help.
I received my color match chips but need the color adjusted. What do I do?
Look for Color Match Requests (CMR) in My ColorXpress Account history. Find the color match that you want adjusted and click the Adjust This Color option for that CMR. You will be asked to identify your reasons for the adjustment request and will review the previous completed CMR form to make changes where necessary. Verify that the populated fields still apply, fill in your color target information and complete.

You may also call a technical specialist at 1-877-43COLOR (Americas) or 31-164-293927 (Europe) to discuss your adjustment request.
Special Effects (Visualfx* Resins) Faqs 
What are Visualfx* resins?
Visualfx* resins are grades with a unique aesthetic appearance, such as sparkle, metallics and pearlescent. For more information, view the selection of Visualfx* resins.
Why can't I get Visualfx* resins in standard grades?
The Visualfx* resin grades are specially engineered to accept unique looks and effects.