Color Management Services

With ColorXpress™ color management services, you can gain worldwide consistency of your colors and effects. Here you can benefit from SABIC's global presence and well-established methodologies with our color management services.

Full Range of Services
ColorXpress™ programs provide services to manage colors throughout the supply chain and are designed to drive improvements in color quality and speed of product development.

24/7 Online Access to Color Standards
Unique to the program is global, 24/7 ordering of online color standards ordering via a secure web site.

Customizable Services
The programs offered are customized according to your needs and can include:

  • Xpress color matches in as little as 2 business days with 50 color standards or 25 lbs of pre-colored resin
  • Custom color development in plastics, textiles, paints, and inks
  • Custom standards textures to match your final product
  • Development and production of physical standards
  • Standards ordering and distribution via a customer specific web page
  • Color audits to help ensure standards and materials provided by the supply chain are consistent
  • Pre-production and production part auditing to your specification
  • Color consulting, color training and education, on line or local
  • Root cause and corrective action consulting
  • Monthly reporting and communication to your supply chain

Color management programs can offer improvements in speed to market, reduction of manufacturing losses, or improvements in sales due to product differentiation.