Request a Color match

First time submitting a Color Match Request?
Be sure to provide a physical sample of your color (color chip or part), along with the following information.

You will be asked for the following required information:

  • A desired product line (I.e. Cycolac, Lexan)/Grade
  • Any needed regulatory requirements (I.e. for food contact; National Sanitary Foundation (NSF); Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) and ECO standards)
  • Your desired part/product surface (polished, matte or texture)
  • The primary light source you'll use to evaluate your color match (daylight, fluorescent, etc)
  • Opacity requirements
  • Ultraviolet testing requirements (if any)
  • The thickness of your part or product (if you are requesting a transparent or translucent color)
  • A physical sample of your target color is required. You may send a color chip or an actual part.
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